A Brazilian Naturally Processed Green Bean

Here at Manhattan Roasts we tried an interesting cup of coffee last week.  It was a Brazilian “naturally processed” coffee, whose roast and brew we did not get quite right (click here to see how we like our roasts).  We have a good excuse for destroying this coffee though.  It was a totally different variety of coffee from the normal bean we drink every day.

If you would like a little background on the differences between regular processing and natural process, which is becoming a hot new niche market in the United States, click here.  The resulting difference in process means the roasted beans have a strong, delicious fruit-infused flavor.

Now the problem with a coffee that has such interesting and exciting flavors is that these same flavors can be destroyed even more easily than flavors in most coffees with the wrong roast or the wrong brew.  This is not the post to delve into a deep discussion of the roasting or brewing process, but I made two significant mistakes.

First, I slightly over roasted the beans.  Now these beans were not even close to becoming oily, they were a medium roast, but even this was too much.  I kept the beans in about a minute to long.  Poof.  In that one minute I limited the potential quality these beans could ever reach.  Now the best I could get from this roast was nothing more than a strange subtle fruitiness.

Second, the first pots of this coffee were over brewed.  I tend to brew as I get ready for work in the morning so my timing is not always perfect.  Those two pots were about 5 minute brews.  Unfortunately at 5 minutes the brew was slightly bitter and there was almost no fruit flavor to the cup.  Finally I couple days later I brewed a pot for exactly 4 minutes and WOW!  All of a sudden we had a great, light, fruit-filled cup of naturally processed coffee!

Now if only the roast were better.  What was roasted could never be undone, the potential was entirely limited, but next time will be unforgettable.  Next time this roaster will allow the chain of quality to continue right into his cup.

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