Bali Kintamani

First roast with the Behmor was a Bali Kintamani. Roasted a little light for the suggested roast on it (full city plus) so didn’t bring out as deep a flavor as I should have, but it was very bright and very fruity nonetheless.

Looks delicious…

And it was.

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  • Seb

    See this review –

    Blind Assessment: Intense fermented fruit reads as sweetly pungent herb, aromatic wood, and a raisiny dark chocolate or carob. Muted acidity, syrupy mouthfeel. The unorthodox flavors carry deeply into a long, rich finish.

    Who Should Drink It: Lovers of complexly rough yet sweet-toned beverages; coffee lovers interested in variations on the fruity dry-processed coffees of Ethiopia.

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