How to Make Cold Brewed Iced Coffee

Summer’s almost here in NYC so it seemed like a perfect time to write a how-to on one of my favorite summer drinks – cold brewed iced coffee!  What is cold brewed iced coffee?  Well, it’s iced coffee “brewed” by sitting in cold water for an extended period of time, rather than brewed quickly with hot water.  Cold brewing your coffee will extract all the natural flavors of the coffee bean without the bitterness you normally get with hot brewed coffee.

This being Manhattan Roasts, a place where we do nothing half-assed, I decided to start with some green coffee beans (from Roasting Plant in NYC) and ended with a delicious glass of fresh cold brewed iced coffee!

Green coffee in the bag:

Roasting the green coffee in my Behmor drum roaster:

Wait ~24hrs for the roasted coffee to be ready for consumption, then grind it up in my Baratza Virtuoso grinder (affiliate link).  I used a medium-coarse grind just finer than what I would use for a french press:

Next, the actual steps for cold brewing iced coffee!

What you need:

-  Pitcher
-  Coffee filter
-  18T ground coffee
-  4-5 cups of water (filtered is best, just like normal coffee!)
-  Second container for straining
-  A long spoon

How to do it:

1.  Pour the ground coffee into the pitcher.
2.  Pour the 4-5 cups of (filtered) water into the pitcher.
3.  Stir briskly and make sure all the coffee is mixed in.
4.  Let the coffee sit in the fridge.  I prefer 12-24hrs, but a few hours is fine.
5.  Pour the coffee through the coffee filter into your second container.
6.  Add a little extra water to taste (your pure iced coffee may be very strong!)
7.  ENJOY!


You can filter one glass at a time if you like:

Or if you want to get really fancy why not use your original Chemex Coffee Maker (affiliate link) to filter?!


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