Growing Coffee Plants

We are very excited for something a little different over here at ManhattanRoasts!

Over the past couple years we have provided you with coffee news roasting information and coffee reviews, but now we are going to add something a little different to the mix. We have procured 2 coffee plants (these little guys are about 18 months old) and are going to take a crack at growing to see what kind of bean we can get!

Without further ado, here they are!

We have already shown how you can roast your own coffee out of a Manhattan apartment and now we look forward to sharing all of our new York City coffee growing trials and tribulations with you.

Hopefully you look forward to following our progress as we attempt to cover everything coffee from earth to cup.

2 comments to Growing Coffee Plants

  • Corree

    did you grown them from seed??? I bought Daren some seeds for christmas last year and he tried so hard to make them grow, but nothing happened :(

  • Manhattan Roaster

    I took the easy way out and bought them as-is. I have been told that they are very difficult to grow from seeds unless you have a coffee plant at your disposal from which you can take fresh seeds. Apparently the best way to grow from scratch is with a clipping though.

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