“I’ll take my coffee with cream and one sugar, hold the shirt”

The economy is affecting everyone, that’s something we all know, right?  Well maybe not everyone.  One coffee shop up in Maine is doing just fine.

Grand View Toplesss Coffee Shop has realized that in this economy they need to try something different, and something different they have tried.  The shop has hired both men and women to serve coffee shirtless to locals and visitors alike in the town of Vassalboro, Maine.

According to CNN.com the shop initially caused some consternation among locals, but those concerns aside business is now booming.  The company has opaqued its windows, hired a security job, and posted signs to keep out anyone under 18.  Besides that this is just your normal every day coffee shop serving coffees, lattes, and espressos.  Well, your normal every day coffee shop in which the waitresses get the occasional $100 tip.  Perhaps the Roasters should consider a job change.

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