Johnny Espressobean

At Manhattan Roasts we are always on the lookout for ways to improve coffee around our city and around the world.  A few weeks ago, after a delicious French bistro dinner we had some of the most boring espresso we have ever tasted.  After complimenting the owner on a great dinner we also discussed the espresso and gave some recommendations on local coffees that could make a far superior cup.  Some might call this snobby or insulting, but hey, it is in our genes.

You see, the Roaster’s father has been threatening, for almost a year, to take a temperature gauge to all the local coffee shops and ensure that cafes and restaurants are all brewing at the best temperature possible.  He will call himself “The Johnny Appleseed of Espresso.”  Personally I prefer Johnny Espressobean.

There is one place Johnny Espressobean will not be needed anymore.  The European Commission.  Last year the EC purchased 21 espresso machines at the staggering cost of $7500 per machine.  The La Cimbala M1 grinds beans and brews espresso at high quality and high speed.  Now, this story first came to prominence as a symbol of government excess in a time of economic woe.  More recently, however, the story gained fame as it came out that employees at the EC from high ranking to staffers found the espresso brewed from these machines nearly undrinkable.

So what did La Cimbala do when they heard about the complaints?  Well they took a page right out of Johnny Espressobean’s book and offered to train anyone at the European Commission who wanted to learn how to make the perfect espresso.  They also tested the water and found it was overly soft (due to water softeners to reduce the natural hardness), too soft for a decent espresso.  Furthermore, the machines were corroding due to improper maintenance, which also negatively impacted the taste.  After agreeing to train any employee at the European Commission, La Cimbala also agreed to take over maintenance of all the machines.

All in the name of providing the a governmental organization with the perfect espresso.

Johnny Espressobean would be proud.

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