ManhattanRoasts is Back?

I know I know, the absence has been shameful.  Well, we’re back!  Kind of…

We’re going to be trying a couple new things in the land of ManhattanRoasts over the next little while.  The first is a new roaster!  Now that we have moved and no longer have a balcony, stovetop roasting is a little more difficult as there is nowhere to cool the coffee and get rid of the chaff (a balcony on a high floor is AMAZING for both).  So, we had to find an alternative method of roasting.

We’ve used the i-Roast before (the latest model, not the old one, which was apparently crap) and really liked it (even though it was little more than a glorified popcorn maker with heat profiles), but alas they are out of stock and have no plans to produce / release more in the near future.  Bummer.

So that brings me here.  Soon we will be welcoming into the ManhattanRoasts household a brand new Behmor 1600!  Check it out here.  Should arrive in the next couple days!

The second piece of excitement, well… I don’t want to spoil it yet, but suffice it to say… it’s aallliiiiiveeee!

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