The Best Part of Waking Up Was Not Starbucks in My Cup

If you recall, some time ago we promised to try Starbucks’ instant coffee as soon as we received our free sample (Starbucks instant coffee is not yet available for sale in NYC).  Well last week we received the free sample and gave it a whirl.  Starbucks even gave us directions on how to make the best possible cup of coffee.  How could we go wrong?  How could the coffee NOT be delicious???  Even further, it came in two varieties, Columbia and Italian.  Never mind the fact I am pretty sure they were confusing their countries of origin with their roast styles, I boiled some water, poured in the packet, stirred, closed my eyes, and inhaled.

Hurrah!  It smelled just like coffee!  Oh sweet delicious, delightful, beautiful nectar that picks me up when I’m feeling down.  How could I ever have doubted you?!

With the beautiful inhalation out of the way I took my first sip.  Nothing, perhaps I missed it.  Another sip.  Where did the taste go?  Perhaps if I inhale as I sip…

While Starbucks’ instant coffee smelled like coffee (though my friend who tried it with me will disagree), it did not taste like it.  Honestly, standard words used to desribe coffee do not really describe the flavor.  It was not chocolatey, it was not fruity.  Neither was the taste bold nor mild.  Really the “coffee” was mostly watery with a nice aroma and a taste slightly of sludge, even more off-putting because of the pleasant aroma.

I guess for now those of us looking to save money during the recession will have to stick to brewing / roasting our own coffee rather than finding a decent instant alternative.

3 comments to The Best Part of Waking Up Was Not Starbucks in My Cup

  • not sure if my previous comment went to your moderation or not. my browser crashed as I sent comment. sorry about that.

    if it didn’t go thru I was saying that instant coffee if like dried parsley and that you might like stories set in “St. Arbucks”
    netchick sent me.

  • Having worked at SBUX, I had originally thought the announcement of instant Starbucks coffee was a premature April Fools joke. Serious!

    Anywho, I tried to get a sample myself, but those of us north of the border did not qualify and after reading your description – I think I’ll just avoid trying it if the chance ever appeared.

  • Manhattan Roaster

    @Chris – You know, as bad as it was, I would recommend trying it for yourself if you get the opportunity. Part of my post was to ensure people did not go out of their way or spend a fortune to try it, but it really was incredibly intriguing. Not at all good, but intriguing.

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