The Importance of a Good Machine

I am not a huge “gadget” person.  Sure, I enjoy new gadgets and new machines every once in a while, but I do not lust after them.  Well, except for today.  You see, today I am traveling for work, which means I stopped in to see my family.  My family happens to have a small roaster and a Rancilio Silvia espresso maker with a temperature control gague on it.  I have to admit I get a little excited just walking in the door…

The Rancilio Silvia is not only a beautiful piece of machinery, but it brews espresso meticulously.  The pressure is just right to get the perfect pull and a delightful crema.  Retrofit a temperature control to the machine and you can brew at exactly the temperature you want.  For my family that temperature is 192.5 degrees fahrenheit, which means you get enough heat to extract the espresso, but not so much that it tastes bitter.  Delicoius!

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