Want to Try the New Instant Coffee?

If you’re like Manhattan Roasts and you want to see what Starbucks has in store for us with its instant coffee, branded as “Via” you can order a sample here.

If you’re like most people and don’t drink instant coffee well… don’t order it? ¬†We will let you know how it is as soon as we have gotten our sample, probably via a blind taste test or something exciting like that.

1 comment to Want to Try the New Instant Coffee?

  • Foodie Abroad

    I have never liked Starbucks, their coffee always tastes burnt to me and I am uncomfortable with 20 oz caffeinated beverages, but I was interested to try the instant… only out of interest, not because I would ever drink it. But, looks like they have already run out!


    Are people curious or actually interested in making the switch to Starbucks instants. Are they looking for free things in this economic crunch time?

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