When Manhattan Roasts Runs Out of Coffee

Today the Manhattan Roaster ran out of coffee…  Well not exactly out of “coffee”, but out of roasted coffee.  We only roasted about 1/2lb this weekend and it was all gone by Thursday.

Green Coffee

Rather than worrying too much we threw the snob out the window, stopped off at one of our favorite carts on the corner of 58th and Lex and got a deliciously sweet medium coffee, cream and half an equal.  It tasted more like dessert than a morning coffee!

So what better day than today to put up a little analysis on the cost of different types of coffee.  We will delve more deeply into this analysis at another time, but for now just enjoy this chart while thinking about how you can save money in a recession.  Have a great day, and I hope none of you ran out of coffee also!

Cost of Coffee

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  • Netchick sent me to the Big Apple.

    That’s a striking economic difference between Starbucks and your other alternatives. Even buying off of a street vendor is a lot less expensive. And then there’s the issue of taste, roasting your own gives a lot more control.

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